Patient Engagement Connection

Consumers want choice; patients want care. Our solutions provide both for your organization.

Welcome to the Patient Engagement Connection

MEDITECH's Patient and Consumer Health Portal and MHealth app are the digital front door to your organization. Here you'll learn how to use these tools to support patient-centered care, involve the patient in their care journey, improve patient outcomes, and increase patient trust and loyalty.

Latest News

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How It's Done

Customers are using MEDITECH's solutions to build better partnerships between patients and their trusted providers.

Features Consumers Want, and Patients Need 

Explore the latest innovations that empower the most important member of the care team - the patient.

Industry Resources

There's a growing professional community devoted to improving the patient experience. Here are some great resources to help you enhance your organization's patient experience strategy.

  • The Beryl Institute is the global community of practice committed to elevating the human experience in healthcare.
  • OpenNotes is the international movement supporting and studying the effects of transparent communication. It helps patients, families, doctors, nurses, therapists and others to prepare and share meaningful notes describing a telehealth or office visit. We call these OpenNotes.

Collaborative Solutions

MEDITECH collaborates with leading vendors to create proven, integrated healthcare solutions for our customers. We've incorporated these clinical, financial, technical, and operational solutions into the EHR, to ensure that your care is always secure, efficient, and safe.