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Our Mobility Solutions

Point of Care/Bedside Verification (BV)

What is it?

MEDITECH’s Point of Care software was designed for nursing users to provide real-time, wireless bedside documentation from the palm of a user's hand. Available features include the ability to document interventions/assessments, review newly placed orders and results, and review documented allergies/adverse reactions.


Point of Care PictureMedication administrations can also take place using Point of Care. As is the case with the eMAR, medications can be documented on PoC either manually or utilizing scanning functionality via MEDITECH’s Bedside Verification (BV). BV allows caregivers to utilize bar code technology prior to administering medications. This technology confirms a patient’s identity and medication information against data readily available via MEDITECH's electronic Medication Administration Record, ensuring the Five Rights of safe medication administration and greatly reducing preventable medication errors.

The Point of Care functionality uses a radio frequency network that allows the handheld device to communicate in real-time with the MEDITECH HCIS. As a result, there is no need to upload or download information to/from the device.



Learn more about the necessary software and hardware requirements:
Technical Specifications/System Prerequisites

How can you get it?
The Point of Care software is included free of charge with your Nursing (NUR) or Patient Care System (PCS) license. However, use of the scanning functionality requires the license for Bedside Verification. The BV product utilizes code in both NUR/PCS and Pharmacy and can be purchased as part of a full NUR/PCS implementation or separately. As the BV product can be purchased independently of Point of Care, please contact your Marketing Consultant to license BV or your NUR/PCS specialist if you are already LIVE with NUR/PCS where BV was part of your NUR/PCS license but never implemented. 

Point of Care requires a separate delivery for the necessary code changes. A delivery schedule is maintained to ensure sufficient support resources for each implementation. Sites wishing to receive the software will be scheduled in the next available slot on the delivery schedule. Please contact your NUR/PCS or BV specialist to request that your facility be added to the schedule and have a delivery date assigned.

What types of devices can be used to run it?
Find out how to use/access MEDITECH’s Point of Care/BV solutions on a mobile device.

Where can you purchase mobility and peripheral devices?

Learn more about our preferred vendors, ACS MediHealth and The Steve Holmes Group LLC.

For more information about our collaborative solutions, please contact:

ACS MediHealth
David Dean, President
Office (Local): 1-770-751-1177
Toll Free: 1-800-488-3304, Ext: 115
Email: djdean@acs-ebiz.com
ACS MediHealth Device Information

The Steve Holmes Group LLC
Steve Holmes, CEO
Office: 1-508-536-5612
Email: steve@steveholmesgroup.com

The Steve Holmes Group LLC Website

Who can you contact at MEDITECH with questions?
Send us a message to learn more about our Point of Care solution. Or contact your NUR/PCS specialist, or your BV Implementation specialist if you are interested in bringing up Point of Care concurrently with BV.