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Our Mobility Solutions 

Materials Management

What is it?
MEDITECH’s Materials Management (MM) solution allows users to process inventory routines on a handheld terminal. Once the terminal is purchased, it has software pre-installed. The software is then tailored to produce files
Materials Management Pictureadhering to MEDITECH’s specifications. Once processed on the handheld terminal, files are uploaded into the MEDITECH system. Inventory quantity is adjusted and General Ledger accounts are hit.

***MEDITECH currently supports tethered handheld terminals, both wired and wireless. Handheld terminals must communicate directly with a MEDITECH installed client, not the hospital network.***

Learn more about the necessary software and hardware requirements:
Technical Specifications/System Prerequisites

How can you get it?
Handheld terminal functionality comes standard with all MM installations. We encourage testing to begin immediately after applications training to ensure that the functionality is fully operational for LIVE. If you plan on using handheld terminals and do not currently have a device, it is best to begin researching options after the intro call with your implementation specialist. This will allow for ample time to decide on a terminal and procure it prior to applications training.

Where can you purchase mobility and peripheral devices?
Learn more about our preferred vendors, ACS MediHealth and The Steve Holmes Group LLC.

For more information about our collaborative solutions, please contact:

ACS MediHealth
David Dean, President
Office (Local): 1-770-751-1177
Toll Free: 1-800-488-3304, Ext: 115
Email: djdean@acs-ebiz.com
ACS MediHealth Device Information

The Steve Holmes Group LLC
Steve Holmes, CEO
Office: 1-508-536-5612
Email: steve@steveholmesgroup.com

The Steve Holmes Group LLC Website

Who can you contact at MEDITECH with questions?
Send us a message if you have questions or would like to learn more about our Materials Management solution.