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Web Based Physician Tools
With Mobile Rounding, physicians and hospitalists can access inpatient, outpatient, and ER patient lists, review clinical data, record encounters, and electronically sign orders/reports - all on a smartphone Resource Center Picture 1or tablet. Physicians can leverage the Mobile Practice functionality to review their schedule, see patient charts and communication, and review their tasks/worklist.

Clinical Workflow Solutions
By utilizing bar-coding for patient management at the point of admissions, MEDITECH can assist to efficiently promote positive patient identification and increase patient safety. Barcode printers and scanners compliment our EHR and support improved patient safety and expense reductions.

Point of Care/Bedside Verification (BV)
devices allow instant bedside documentation from the palm of a user’s hand.

The Phlebotomy Handheld Solution, or PHH, provides Phlebotomists with the ability to print labels at the patient’s bedside and provides a real-time list of specimens awaiting collection.

With the availability of Scanning and Archiving the patient’s paper documentation can be scanned to provide a complete electronic chart in either Point of Contact or Patient Record (batch) scanning. Materials Management features can be available on a mobile device including patient charging, exchange cart, and inventory routines. The handheld technology helps organizations to manage inventory and supplies across departments and facilities based on the selected solution and organization needs.

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Collaborative Vendors
MEDITECH's EHR is complemented by a host of software/IT solutions and mobile devices that bring patient care delivery to a higher level of excellence. As the healthcare industry goes mobile, we will continue to collaborate with vendors that can provide our customers with functionality, guidance, and expertise in clinical workflow and selection of appropriate peripheral and mobile devices. With these relationships in place, MEDITECH is confident that clinicians can embrace new technology. Learn more about our preferred vendors and their solutions, below.

Winola Health IT
Winola Health IT provides medical device integration software that allows mobile medical device information to be integrated into MEDITECH, across all platforms. Winola Health IT’s Caretrends solution is a device-agnostic platform that can connect wirelessly or wired to many mobile medical devices, including single incident vital monitors, CCU/ICU monitors, fetal monitors, smart beds, and other devices.

Rick Hodge, President and CEO

Office: 1-215-766-2500

Cell: 1-215-499-0708

Email: info@winolalake.com

Winola Health IT Mobility Solutions

Mobile and Peripheral Devices
MEDITECH has cultivated relationships with recommended vendors that can provide informed, expert direction for our customers who seek mobile and peripheral solutions for their clinicians.

ACS MediHealth
David Dean, President
Office (Local): 1-770-751-1177
Toll Free: 1-800-488-3304, Ext: 115
Email: djdean@acs-ebiz.com
ACS MediHealth Device Information

The Steve Holmes Group LLC
Steve Holmes, CEO
Office: 1-508-536-5612
Email: steve@steveholmesgroup.com
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