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Here you’ll learn all about MEDITECH Expanse and the many ways it will help you improve efficiency, guide decisions, and support patient-focused care. You’ll hear strategies from fellow practicing physicians, while having access to key resources and tutorials to support your EHR training, personalization, and implementation. 

Appalachian Regional Healthcare Reduces Time to DKA Resolution by 25% With Nurse-Driven Protocol in MEDITECH Expanse
After ARH clinicians found that basing DKA treatment solely on glucose levels was not enough, a multidisciplinary team of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and IT analysts thoroughly researched DKA care guidelines to develop a new protocol. They collaborated on an evidence-based approach that treats acidosis and electrolyte imbalances in addition to controlling glucose. Using MEDITECH’s Expanse Patient Care and Pharmacy solutions, the multidisciplinary team built the nurse-driven protocol into the system.

MEDITECH integrates ambient listening into Expanse EHR
Multiple health systems look to leverage generative AI by integrating ambient listening to mitigate clinician burden.

Valley Health System Reduces Infusion Times by 37% in Pediatric Gastroenterology With Scheduling and Managing Infusions in Expanse
In less than a year, the process improvement team at Valley Health System was able to achieve its objectives of reducing chair time, improving the patient experience, and increasing staff efficiency. Chair time has been reduced, feedback from patients and families has been positive, and clinicians report lower levels of stress.

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