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Recent Updates

Topics are posted for our MORE sessions in Dallas and Myrtle Beach! (March 26, 2015)

Attention 6.x customers: Join us at our 6.x Peer-to-Peer Information Exchange! (March 20, 2015)

HIMSS is less than a month away... Are you going to be at our Customer Appreciation Event? (March 20, 2015)

Registration is open for our combined Physician and CIO Forum. (March 17, 2015)

Nurse and Home Care Forum: Our keynote will discuss mobility and wearable technology for nurses. (March 17, 2015)

We've posted presentations from the Home Care Optimization Symposium. Check them out! (March 12, 2015)

Going to AONE in April? Join us at our Customer Reception. (February 17, 2015)

MEDITECH on the Road Events (MORE)
Nurse Conference
CIOs, Physicians, Nurses, IT Leaders, and Analysts (all platforms)

Want more strategies for optimizing your current MEDITECH system? Want to learn more about our bold new platform and how to get there? Get MORE from MEDITECH at this brand new event!

May 12 - Dallas, TX Registration Open

May 14 - Myrtle Beach, SC Registration Open

Physician Forum
June 17-19
Nurse Execs, Informaticists, & Home Care Professionals

Calling all nurse execs, informaticists, and home care customers: Join us for our inaugural forum at our state-of-the-art conference center.

STATUS: Registration Open!

6.x Peer-to-Peer Information Exchange
CIO Technology Forum
September 16-17
6.x Physicians, Nurses, and Analysts

Leverage the insights and innovations of the growing 6.x community and leave with tips and strategies you can deploy right away.

STATUS: Registration Open!

Physician and CIO Forum 6.0 Peer-to-Peer Information Exchange
November 5-6
CIOs, IT Leaders, Physicians, and Physician Executives

Here's your chance to attend two events in one! This two-day forum features main program sessions, separate tracks for physicians and CIOs, and plenty of networking opportunities for all.

STATUS: Registration Open!

Regional Events Regional Events We’re hitting the road to show you what we’ve been up to, the big things on our radar, and how customers are reaching new heights with our EHR.

April 22: Seattle, WA Presentations Posted
April 24: Grand Junction, CO 
Presentations Posted
May 1: San Juan, Puerto Rico Presentations Posted
May 6: 
Pasadena, CA 
Presentations Posted
May 8: Fresno, CA 
Presentations Posted
May 20: Myrtle Beach, SC Presentations Posted
May 22: Nashville, TN 
Presentations Posted 
September 9: Toronto, ON Presentations Posted
September 11: Vancouver, BC Presentations Posted
September 23: Lansing, MI Presentations Posted
September 25: Albany, NY Presentations Posted
October 21: Birmingham, AL Presentations Posted
October 23: Baton Rouge, LA Presentations Posted
November 4: Overland Park, KS Presentations Posted
November 6: Des Moines, IA Presentations Posted

CIOs, IT Directors, Managers, and Analysts

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Contact Us! Getting the Most from Your MEDITECH System CIO Technology Forum

It’s your EHR - learn how to make it work for you!

March 18: Canton, MA Presentations Posted

April 15: Clinton, MO Presentations Posted

April 17: Minneapolis, MN Presentations Posted

September 9: Chicago, IL Presentations Posted

November 4
: Philadelphia, PA Presentations Posted

November 6: Pasadena, CA Presentations Posted

Practice Management Forum Practice Management Forum
October 23-24
MPM Customers

Find out what happens when EHR data for clinics and practices comes alive!

STATUS: Presentations Posted

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MAGIC and Client/Server Physicians, Nurses, and IT Staff