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9:00Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:15Reimagining Healthcare, Redefining Productivity
Christine Parent, Associate Vice President, Sales and Marketing, MEDITECH

Early Warning for Infectious Disease ft. ED Indicators (MAGIC and C/S)
Andrea Bongiovi, Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
With outbreaks of infectious diseases like measles, tuberculosis, ebola, and rabies reported each month, ​establishing effective protocols can be quite challenging. ​Come see how your MEDITECH system can help you screen for, track, and monitor these conditions early on and present valuable information to your caregivers.

Create, Design, Implement: CDI, ICD-10, and PDoc (MAGIC and C/S)
The looming shift to ICD-10 presents the opportunity to improve both the efficiency and value of your clinical documentation. See one of your peers share how to successfully develop and implement a Clinical Documentation Improvement program. You’ll also get a preview of changes and workflows in the MEDITECH EHR, specifically supportting providers documenting under the new ICD-10 guidelines.

Physician Documentation and ICD-10: Best Practices and Strategies for Success (6.x)
Join us as we examine best practice workflow and integration capabilities of the Patient Problem List, including the ability to access, add, edit, and reconcile problems from within physician documentation. Learn about enhancements to the integration with Intelligent Medical Objects' vast database, providing qualifier codes to support the specificity needed for ICD-10.

TAR-ific: An Overview of Transfusion Enhancements (6.x)
See an overview of current functionality and recently introduced enhancements to our Transfusion Administration Record (TAR) solution, including interim intakes and manual barcode. You’ll also learn implementation strategies and best practices.

See Your Data Again, for the First Time, with Business and Clinical Analytics (All)
Data drives you. Find out how Business & Clinical Analytics, MEDITECH’s powerful new business intelligence tool, clears the path for your operational success.
Break and Technology Gallery
Visit the Technology Gallery where members of our Client Services team will offer more in-depth demonstrations of our solutions as they relate to your organization. Marketing staff will also be on-hand to show micro-demos of the groundbreaking solutions being showcased. Be sure to engage with MEDITECH executives in the Meet and Greet area too!
Doing MORE with MEDITECH: A Customer Panel
Our customers are doing great things! Listen to your peers as they share their successes and highlight how they’re using MEDITECH’s clinically rich software to make organizational gains. With something for everyone, you’re sure to leave with new ideas, new knowledge, and new contacts after this discussion.
Networking Lunch
Going Bold: The EHR of the Future has Arrived
Steve Taylor, CIO, Anderson Regional Medical Center
What’s so remarkable about the new MEDITECH? Don’t ask us—hear from customers who are implementing our bold and groundbreaking new platform!
Break and Technology Gallery

Creating Quality with Surveillance Boards (MAGIC and C/S)
Charles McClure, Senior Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
Come see how the Nursing/PCS Quality and Surveillance Boards gather clinical information from throughout your organization to allow for better patient tracking and help you get the most from your data. You’ll also learn how these tools can help you manage Clinical Quality Measures and allow you to set up alert criteria to identify at-risk patients.

On the Move with Mobile Ordering and POM (MAGIC and C/S)
Michael Wall, Senior Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
Caroline Gagnon, Senior Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH

As data and devices become more mobile, so should your workflow. Mobile Rounding has expanded into the ordering workflow, so physicians can manage a patient’s treatment on the go. Come hear what’s available now and what changes are coming in the near future to manage orders from a mobile device or a desktop, based on a physician’s needs.

Discharge Process Best Practices: Are You the Key to Success? (6.x)
Having a defined, streamlined discharge approach that all clinicians are educated and trained on is imperative to providing a safe and efficient discharge process. We’ll review the multidisciplinary approach needed for a successful discharge, examining not only the nursing perspective, but also the physician process of converting medications and documentation.

No One is Immune to Meaningful Use (6.x)
Join us as we review the documentation of historical immunizations, patient exemptions, immunizations on the MAR, and the data that is sent to the EMR. You’ll also learn about reports that are available for capturing immunization data, different vaccination scenarios, and how your MEDITECH EHR caters to each.

Customer Presentation (All)
Holly Schmidt, Executive Director IT, Hill Country Memorial
Debbye Dooley, Executive Director Business Intelligence, Hill Country Memorial

MEDITECH’s Patient Portal: Your Patient Connection (All)
Michael Wall, Senior Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
The Patient and Consumer Health Portal lets consumers play an active role in their healthcare. And more empowered patients mean fewer re-admissions! Join this discussion with your colleagues and share how you’ve enrolled, connected, and communicated with your patients...and how you can keep them coming back!

Break and Technology Gallery 

Moving Forward with Multidisciplinary Discharge (MAGIC and C/S)
Kerri Nash, Project Coordinator, Client Services, MEDITECH
Dive into the discharge process as we discuss hot topics, lessons learned, and exciting new usability enhancements. Find out how our highly interactive 5.66 Multidisciplinary Discharge facilitates a well coordinated team effort to improve patient outcomes, help prevent re-admissions, and provide quality follow-up care instructions.

Redefining Physician Productivity (C/S only)
Ann Hill, Project Coordinator, Client Services, MEDITECH
With more being asked of physicians, the availability of tools and data to maximize efficiency is more important than ever. Check out our highly customizable Physician Status Board, providing an interactive and intuitive launch point for physicians to view pertinent patient data, and the new Critical Care Flowsheet, creating a central location to review, format, and rearrange patient data on the fly.

Medication Reconciliation: Improving Communication with Every Step (6.x)
Are you taking advantage of the newest medication reconciliation enhancements? See a complete overview of the Enter/Edit Home Medications, Reconcile, and Convert routines, with a focus on the enhancements completed with the most recent priority pack updates. Get an in-depth look at enhanced features that have increased user satisfaction and productivity, and improved upon providing safe and efficient patient care.

Interoperability in Action: MEDITECH Leading the Way (All)
John Valutkevich, Manager, Interoperability Initiatives, MEDITECH
MEDITECH remains on the leading edge of supporting interoperability and our customers’ health information exchange needs. Learn how our ongoing participation in state and industry initiatives can help blaze the trail for your organization.

Closing Remarks  
As the event draws to a close, we’ll recap highlights from the day. We’ll also share how MEDITECH, as your EHR vendor, can support you as you return home and act on all the great information and ideas you gathered!
Join us for our evening event immediately following our program!