Assign an Information Security Contact Today

Stay Informed of MEDITECH's Security Best Practices

March 2, 2015 - Information security and breaches are increasingly making headlines in the news. While healthcare is a target, MEDITECH continues to make security, privacy and patient safety top priorities. In order to facilitate better communication on security concerns, we are asking that each organization provide an Information Security Contact.

Information Security Contacts will receive timely information about security updates. It will not be the only way MEDITECH communicates updates, of course, but it will provide us a direct line to your Information Security staff. Additionally, contacts will receive occasional newsletters discussing recent trends and threats, and recommendations for dealing with these threats. For example, MEDITECH provided this advisory to sites in response to the POODLE vulnerability in OpenSSL.

For additional information on updating your support staff contacts via the Customer Service Page, please review this article and update as noted in the example below.

MEDITECH - Security Contact

By working with you to designate Information Security Contacts at your facility, we’re able to expedite the communications related to security concerns, and help keep your data safe.

Please contact Security Analyst Justin Armstrong with any questions.