June 16, 2017 — After nearly five decades of growth and recognition, MEDITECH has never been more confident in our ability to elevate healthcare. With an advanced solution like Web EHR in the hands of innovative healthcare leaders, we are uniquely poised to positively influence our industry like never before. And to achieve this, we’re uniting our customer community under a new banner: One MEDITECH Circle.

One MEDITECH Circle represents the collective power of our MEDITECH community, which includes customers, employees, and industry thought leaders. Between us, we share a veritable wealth of knowledge and insight that has the power to shape opinion and drive real change. If we harness and focus this energy, we can not only enhance the industry’s perception of our brand, but also inspire an entire generation of healthcare IT leaders.

Our customer community is out there on the frontline of healthcare, improving outcomes, preventing illness, promoting wellness, increasing patient safety, coordinating care, reducing readmissions, engaging patients, and educating their families — and we want to hear about it!

You’ll see more of One MEDITECH Circle at our special forums and other customer events, where we’ll discuss how customers can share their success stories so that the rest of our industry can learn and benefit from them. In the meantime, customers can join One MEDITECH Circle to stay tuned to how they can become an active member of our customer community. Together, we are stronger, smarter, and more effective.  Welcome to One MEDITECH Circle!