Nursing Collaborative Members

Meet the members of the Nursing Collaborative!

The Nursing Collaborative's mission is to provide meaningful input to support common clinical objectives, best practices and provide insight on the current utilization of the Patient Care System. 

Carol Gray, RN

Carol Gray comes to us with 38 years of experience at Freeport Health Network, with 37 of those years as an RN, and has her Associate's Degree in Nursing. Ms. Gray began her work in IT at the Freeport Health in the late 1990s. She is currently active on the PCS/SUR/ED computer committee and is responsible for training the new inpatient nursing employees in computer documentation.

Angela Knight, MSN, RN-BC

Angela Knight is a Nurse Informaticist at Johnson Regional Medical Center and has been in her current nursing informatics position for almost 2 years. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, which she obtained in 2017, an Associate’s of Applied Science in Nursing in 2016, and a Technical Certificate in Practical Nursing in 2004. Ms. Knight’s professional background is in the Emergency Department and Med/Surg Nursing. She will be continuing her education by sitting in for ANCC RN-BC in August and starting a Nursing Informatics Master’s program in 2019. She feels that the path she has chosen is very important and knows that she is helping patient have better outcomes, even though she is not at the bedside. She loves technology and the promise it holds for patients.

Eileen Wright, MSN, RN

Eileen Wright is an Application Analyst at Swedish Covenant Hospital with 35 years of nursing experience. Ms. Wright’s expertise comes from working in acute and long term care settings, include 27 years are a nurse educator. She has assisted in the build and implementation of MEDITECH Expanse at Swedish Covenant and is responsible for nursing, respiratory, dietary, rehab therapies, some of the ancillary departments.

Lynne James, BSN, BSc, MSc

Lynne James is a Regional Practice Leader with the Professional Practice Office at Interior Health. In her new role, she is responsible for leading the standardization and optimization of the Nursing Documentation as they fully adopt MEDITECH in one of their largest hospitals. She is currently working on a double Masters in Nursing and Health Information Science. She is also an ACLS instructor and is certified in critical care with the CNCC(C) designation in Canada. Her background is as a program developer, ICU RN, Informatics RN, Regional Knowledge Coordinator for the Interior Health’s BC ICU Database program, and then Clinical Nurse Specialist in Critical Care. In the CNS role, she maintained the role as coordinator for the BC ICU Database program where they worked to use clinical data to improve clinical practice.

Kim Thibodeau, MSN, RN, RN-BC

Kim Thibodeau is the Manager of Clinical Informatics at Bristol Hospital. She has over 22 years of nursing experience in various specialties, including Labor & Delivery, Med-Surg, Orthopedics, and Oncology. She is board certified and also has her Master's in Nursing Informatics. She has worked in nursing informatics since 2010, supporting all clinical and some non-clinical modules within the MEDITECH 6.0 environment.

Colleen Beres, MSN, RN

Colleen Beres is a Senior Clinical Analyst at Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton, VA. Her background is in Pulmonary and Critical Care along with 10+ years of Nursing Management. She has been in her current role for 9 years. She currently supports PCS/RXM/ONC/ORM/BMV and also trains new nursing employees in computer documentation.

Jeff Battles RN, BSN

Jeff Battles is currently an Applications Analyst III at St Bernards Medical Center. He has over 18 years of nursing experience in Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics, Management and Information Technology. He has been working in IT since 2008 when he helped to implement MEDITECH 6.0 at St Bernards. In 2012 he went to work for Navin Haffty and Associates and helped with the implementation of 6.0 and 6.1 at numerous hospitals, until 2017. He has knowledge working in PCS, EDM, OM, ORM, EMR, PAPD and BMV. He has trained and worked with nurses and other clinicians in the use of MEDITECH software as a Nursing Informatics coordinator.