We have one corporate partner—MEDITECH South Africa. MEDITECH maintains relationships with many other vendors. We collaborate to create proven, integrated healthcare solutions for customers. From identity management to core measures reporting, we have incorporated clinical, financial, technical, and operational solutions which provide the highest levels of security, efficiency, and safety for our customers' organizations. Learn more about our Collaborative Solutions.

MEDITECH South Africa [MEDITECH South Africa (Pty) Ltd] (MEDITECH SA) provides software and services to the healthcare industry in Africa and the Middle East, bringing together hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, home health agencies, long-term care sites, research facilities, and more into an integrated enterprise.

Founded in 1982, the strength of MEDITECH SA lies in our ability to provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions. From its inception, MEDITECH SA elected to operate as a technology transfer organization using well-proven solutions as a platform from which we could develop tools specific to local requirements. As a result, a relationship with MEDITECH was formed, which now spans more than 20 years. This long standing relationship was recently cemented with MEDITECH’s significant investment in MEDITECH SA. At MEDITECH SA, we license, implement, and support MEDITECH’s technology and software applications. This partnership allows us to leverage the best technology available in the world while using our experience to adapt it to the unique requirements of our region. 

Africa faces unprecedented healthcare challenges, made all the more daunting by the HIV and AIDS pandemic. Ways must be found to provide appropriate and cost-effective care in our rapidly changing environment. With the expanding deployment of information and communication technologies--and the resultant increase in computer literacy amongst patients, healthcare providers, and administrators--demands are being placed on the organizational infrastructure to ensure efficient and secure access to a wide range of information. MEDITECH SA has established itself as a leader in the Middle East and Africa, with a significant market share--including 95% of the commercial laboratory market in South Africa. We have an unsurpassed track record of implementing systems on time and within budget. Our high-quality products have the backing of excellent service levels, which has resulted in our high client retention rate.

We at MEDITECH SA welcome the challenges that lie ahead, as we continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring that our clients and their patients are equipped with the best technology there is to offer, as they help advance care delivery in Africa. With our comprehensive armory of tried and tested healthcare information system solutions, we are able to provide the most viable, reliable, and sustainable solutions in the field of healthcare information management.

MEDITECH Australia (Medical Information Technology Australia Pty Ltd) was launched in 2004. We provide solutions and services to the Australasian and South East Asia region. MEDITECH has a significant market share in the private sector. Our clients include Ramsay Health Care, the largest private healthcare provider in Australia, which owns 65 facilities. Our partnership with MEDITECH South Africa allows us to implement and support the best technology the world has to offer, while using our knowledge to meet unique local requirements.