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Continuity of Care Document (CCD) 
 Communicate Without Boundaries

You’re connected. But how are you communicating critical patient data with facilities on other vendor systems–by phone, paper, complex interfaces? Those days are long gone. Following the federated or decentralized HIE approach, we have designed a Continuity of Care Document (CCD) interface suite to receive and display CCD medical summaries from non-MEDITECH systems. We can also compile and send a CCD in response to requests from other vendors or a Record Locator Service (RLS).

Without disrupting clinician workflow, MEDITECH automatically searches for medical summaries in the background. As CCDs are collected, clinicians are alerted of their availability on the Status Board and/or Emergency Department Tracker. Once acknowledged, CCDs are filed and viewable in the patient’s Electronic Health Record. Critical data is seamlessly communicated.

MEDITECH also reconciles medications, allergies, and problems received as part of a transition of care electronic summary. Upon discharge, CCDs can be automatically forwarded to the patient’s next care venue.


  • Share documents summarizing episodes of care with structured data.

  • Support the Consolidated CDA specification and IHE XDS Medical Summary Profiles for communication messages.
  • Deploy using an RLS or point-to-point interfaces with other vendor EHRs.
  • Reconcile patient identities via PDQ queries.
  • Query an RLS or other vendor EHRs for CCDs via XDS Requests.
  • Receive queries and send CCDs via XDS Responses.

check mark Direct Messaging: Not Connected? Not a Problem.

Do you have patients transitioning to points of care that support Direct Messaging? Using MEDITECH’s Direct, a component of our CCD Interface Suite, you can securely exchange CCD medical summaries with these providers. Your local Health Information Service Provider (HISP) will provide the direct message address scheme as well as the vehicle for secure, validated message exchange, and MEDITECH’s Direct will seamlessly work with it.

While providers benefit from Direct throughout their clinical workflows, patients also benefit through their ability to use direct messaging to send providers their latest medical summary through our Patient and Consumer Health Portal.


  • Deploy a HISP-agnostic system for compatibility with other EMRs.

  • Accept summaries from a central location—such as Medical Records—for inclusion into clinical workflows.
  • Send direct messages to referred providers during discharge.
  • Allow patients to direct message providers their latest clinical summary.
  • Meet Meaningful Use 2014 Requirements for Direct Messaging.

Forward Advantage also provides MEDITECH customers with a Direct Messaging toolset as part of their Communication Director platform, which exchanges additional PHI document types for specialized physician practices. 


check mark Centralized Data Exchange  Don't Be Left Out

Have you been invited to participate in a Health Information Exchange (HIE) program? With MEDITECH, you won’t be left out. You can contribute data to your community’s centralized HIE as well as view information as needed through external portals. You too will be able to converse in a common language with surrounding healthcare organizations.

To reconcile patient identities across the care network, we offer two solutions: a Client Registry/Enterprise Master Patient Index and a Central Master EMPI/Client Registry. Our first solution uses a central EMPI (MEDITECH or non-MEDITECH) within the HIE to confirm patient identity based upon several identifiers. The latter integrates EMPI lookups into the registration process ensuring patients not local to the MEDITECH EHR are recognized.


  • Uses industry standards to exchange ADT registration, orders, lab results, radiology and departmental reports, and pharmacy profiles.

  • Supports data exchange with client and document registries, patient portals, and Regional Health Information Organizations.
  • Manages patient identity and demographic information across multiple organizations and systems.
  • Finds patients—resident or not resident—to MEDITECH’s local EMPI and instantly confirms their identities.

check mark Public Health Reporting Interfaces  Play Your Part in Promoting a Healthy Population

Disease clusters, pandemics, medical threats, future immunization demands—they impact everyone. By capturing and reporting quality data, your organization can help identify patient population trends and do your part in promoting and maintaining a healthy community. To electronically submit timely data to public health agencies, MEDITECH offers the following interfaces:


  • Syndromic Surveillance sends de-identified registration data for ED patients via HL7 version 2.5.1 messaging standards.
  • Immunizations Reporting submits immunization information, such as administered vaccines and immunizations, via HL7 version 2.5.1 messaging standards.
  • Electronic Laboratory/Microbiology Reporting sends result data from Laboratory and Microbiology applications using HL7 version 2.5.1 messaging standards.
  • Electronic Pathology/Blood Bank Reporting provides result data from Anatomical Pathology and Blood Bank applications via HL7 version 2.5.1 messaging standards.


  • Perform secure, ongoing data submissions, certified for Meaningful Use.

  • Provide quality results reporting data to public health agencies.
  • Comply with local, state, provincial, and federal public health reporting requirements.

check mark Data Express  Keep It Simple, One Interface to Multiple Physician Practices

Struggling to manage interfaces to multiple physician practice systems? You don’t have to. MEDITECH, in collaboration with Forward Advantage, offers one, cost effective interface solution–Data Express–to do all the work for you. Clinical results entered in the MEDITECH EHR automatically appear in the physician practice EHR. Orders submitted in the physician practice EHR populate the MEDITECH EHR. Simplify communication–connect with all of your physician practices via one interface.


  • Preconfigured to accept MEDITECH HL7 interface sets.
  • eMaps normalize MEDITECH HL7 message formats for inclusion in physician practice EHR profiles.
  • Accurate and efficient electronic order delivery from divergent physician practice EHRs to the MEDITECH EHR.
  • Cost effective “one-to-many” EHR interface approach.
  • Supports Meaningful Use for electronic exchange of information.

check mark e-Prescribing – Prescribe with Confidence

Pharmacy follow-up calls can be time consuming. Misinterpreted paper scripts are deadly. Eliminate both with MEDITECH’s e-Prescribing. In conjunction with DrFirst’s eRx Gateway access, our e-Prescribing interfaces provide a single point of connectivity to securely exchange patient information between various providers, payers, pharmacy benefit managers, and pharmacies. Providers can also access a patient’s medication claim history via DrFirst and SureScripts to reconcile medications and update the patient’s ambulatory medication profile.


  • Obtain prescription drug eligibility and retrieve patient prescription coverage.
  • Retrieve medication claim history for reconciling reported medications.
  • Confirm insurance formulary status, coverage limits, co-pay levels, and drug alternatives for medication orders in real time.
  • Electronically route prescriptions to retail and mail-order pharmacies.
  • Accept electronic pharmacy Rx renewals from our ambulatory applications.
  • Access regional retail and national mail-order pharmacies to select the patient's pharmacy of choice.
  • Authorize and send electronic scripts and receive electronic Rx Renewals and medication claim histories via DrFirst’s provider registry.

check mark Infobutton  Got Questions? Answers Provided.

Looking for treatment plan guidelines? Need more patient-friendly visual aids? You are only one click away with our HL7 Context-Aware Knowledge Retrieval – Infobutton. To improve workflow and patient care, clinicians can launch URL-based clinical decision support and patient education materials from within a patient’s chart or at discharge. The Infobutton is certified for Meaningful Use. Subscription services are provided through many of the leading content vendors used with MEDITECH.       


  • Retrieve relevant, patient-specific information from within your MEDITECH EHR.
  • Answer patient questions posed during the care process.
  • Promote evidenced-based practices and quality care delivery.
  • Become decision-making partners with your patients.

check mark Our Interoperability Direction - Exploring New Connections

MEDITECH remains at the forefront of the interoperability movement. As a contributing member of the CommonWell Health Alliance and a collaborator in Argonaut’s FHIR Project, we are committed to increasing your data exchange avenues. If you would like to learn more, please contact MEDITECH’s Marketing Interoperability Solutions Manager, Steve Valutkevich.