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Customer Success

Combining technology and innovative thinking, MEDITECH customers are leaders in the healthcare industry. The case studies and white papers below demonstrate quantifiable quality improvements and a return on investment. 

Case Studies

Physicians at Halifax Health Go Mobile with MEDITECH Expanse
MEDITECH Expanse enabled acute and ED physicians at Halifax Health Medical Center to adopt a more mobile approach to care. Using tablets cut down on physicians’ administrative burdens, while improving workflows and satisfaction.

Summit Pacific Increases Reimbursement, Clinic Volumes with MEDITECH’s Analytics Solution
Learn how Summit Pacific Medical Center realized quantifiable improvements in reimbursement and clinic volumes using Business and Clinical Analytics as a catalyst for process improvements. Improvements included an 8% increase in daily clinic volumes; 70% decrease in the time between chart closures; and a reduction of 13 A/R days, among other measurable improvements.

MEDITECH's Expanse Point of Care Mobilizes Nurses at KDMC
Download our case study to learn how King’s Daughters Medical Center used MEDITECH's Expanse Point of Care to improve nurse efficiency, mobility, and patient engagement via smartphone devices.

Alder Hey Children’s Transforms Care with MEDITECH’s Interoperability Solutions
Learn how within six weeks Alder Hey and MEDITECH developed a CDA feed into the shared record, allowing clinicians to see a list of documents in the patient record, including discharge summaries, radiology reports, pathology results, and standard demographics. 

Frederick Memorial Hospital Reduces Sepsis Mortality Rate by 65 Percent with MEDITECH
Download our case study to learn how Frederick Memorial reduced Sepsis mortality by 65% and improved SEP-1 core measure compliance rates from 32% to 80% using MEDITECH.

Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care Improves Transitions with SBAR Tool
Download our case study to learn how Waypoint Centre For Mental Health Care used MEDITECH's SBAR tool to improve care transitions and reduce documentation time by over 60%.

RCCH Healthcare Partners Uses MEDITECH Toolkit and Surveillance Solution to Combat CAUTI
Learn how MEDITECH’s Quality and Surveillance solution and CAUTI Prevention Toolkit helped RCCH Healthcare Partners decrease CAUTI rates by 45% and indwelling catheter days by 35% through early prevention and detection.

Patient Registries Help Kalispell Regional Advance Diabetes Management, Increase Cancer Screenings By 22 Percent
Learn how Kalispell Regional used Patient Registries to support their shift from fee for service to value-based care, including an increased focus on health maintenance and diabetes management.

Deborah Heart and Lung Optimizes Patient Throughput with MEDITECH Business and Clinical Analytics
Deborah Heart and Lung implemented MEDITECH’s Business and Clinical Analytics (BCA) solution to monitor the success of various initiatives and process improvement projects. BCA gave them the analysis they needed to increase the number of patients discharged by 10:00 a.m. sixfold, reduce surgical intubation times, and provide decision makers with the timely evidence they needed to support other performance improvement initiatives.

Union Hospital's Journey to HIMSS Stage 7
Learn how Union Hospital of Cecil County achieved HIMSS Stage 7 by demonstrating improved practices and paperless care with MEDITECH’s EHR. Topics highlighted include their dual HIE strategy, CAUTI reduction, lethality assessment process, and Oncology nurse navigator program.

Hilo Medical Center Improves SEP-1 Compliance by 34 Percentage Points Using MEDITECH’s Expanse EHR
Learn how Hilo Medical Center significantly improved SEP-1 compliance by aligning its sepsis workflow around best practices and embedding action items into MEDITECH's EHR. 

Union Hospital Improves Care Efficiency with Multiple Health Information Exchange (HIE) Strategy
Learn how Union Hospital improved care quality as well as the clinician and patient experience by sharing information with two local Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust Transforms Cancer Care
The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC) transitioned from paper-based medical records and limited e-Prescribing capabilities to MEDITECH’s 6.0 solution. CCC oncologists now use a more efficient process for ordering chemotherapy with multiple cycles, reducing e-Prescribing from 15 steps to 8.

Ontario Shores Advances Patient Engagement with MEDITECH
Following implementation of the Patient and Consumer Health Portal, Ontario Shores conducted a rigorous, peer-reviewed study that found significant benefits for their patients and healthcare organizations.

Anderson Regional Cuts A/R Days by 50% Using MEDITECH’s 6.1 Revenue Cycle Solution
The right tools, for the right people, at the right time is bringing a new level of fiscal transparency, accountability, and efficiency to Anderson’s revenue cycle.  In addition to reducing A/R days from 95 down to 47, the hospital has lowered lost revenue by 90 percent.

It’s in Their DNA: Avera Health Drives Precision Medicine at the Point of Care

Avera Health converts pharmacogenomic results to actionable data at the point of ordering, alerting providers to the patient’s optimal pain medication. This personalized approach has taken Avera McKennan's pain management program to the next level.  

Detecting the Undetected: MEDITECH's Surveillance Identifies and Prevents Infections at Valley
With 23 surveillance boards in use, The Valley Hospital is yielding impressive results in identifying sepsis and other infections, complying with quality measures, and improving patient throughput.

Sepsis Screening Leads to 45% Mortality Rate Reduction and $10 Million Cost Savings
As part of a system-wide sepsis prevention effort, Avera Health integrated sepsis screening assessments, evidence-based order sets, and clinical decision support directly into their nurse and physician workflows, leading to a 45% sepsis mortality reduction and $10 million cost savings.

Stamford Hospital CAUTI Initiative Leads to 70% Reduction in UTIs
By implementing a nurse-directed urinary catheter removal protocol embedded in MEDITECH’s nursing documentation, Stamford successfully reduced urinary tract infections by over 70 percent and realized an estimated $100,000 savings.

ED Nurse Navigator Program uses MEDITECH’s EHR to Steer ED to $475,000 Annual Cost Savings
Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center’s Emergency Department implemented a nurse navigator program to focus on patients considered “super utilizers” of the ED. Fully automated in MEDITECH, the program results include a $475,000 annual cost savings and a 13.7% decrease in non-emergent ED visits.

Davies Winners Show How Quality Improvements Lead to Millions in ROI
Using their MEDITECH EHR, customers have improved patient outcomes and achieved a return on investment — earning them the HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence. This document summarizes their achievements and links to the full case studies.

White Papers

Innovation in Action
Meet four leading customers who are among the most innovative in healthcare, learn more about MEDITECH’s state-of-the-art technology, and discover how we outperform the competition.

MEDITECH's Oncology Solution Integrates Cancer Management
Learn how integrating MEDITECH’s Oncology solution into your EHR helps you address the rapid rise and complexity in Oncology cases by providing safer and more efficient care coordination through specialty-driven workflows.

Benefits of an Integrated Approach to Critical Care
MEDITECH’s Critical Care solution is meeting the unique challenges faced by ICUs, NICUs, and other critical care areas. Its intuitive design and EHR integration make it a powerful tool for these high acuity environments.

Building a Sepsis Early Warning Detection System to Expedite Care
MEDITECH’s integrated EHR can be customized to create an early warning detection system that surveils and identifies patients who are at risk for sepsis for immediate management with evidence-based treatment protocols. 

Ambulatory Patient Registries: A Cornerstone of Population Health Strategy
Actionable patient registries — that update in real-time and embed rules-based logic — segment patient populations (e.g. “overdue for colorectal cancer screening”) well position organizations to manage their patient populations.

Special Reports

Managing the Opioid Crisis: MEDITECH's Nurse Advisory Committee Shares Strategies & Challenges
Members of MEDITECH’s Nurse Advisory Committee (NAC) discuss the opioid epidemic’s impact on patient care, and describe the initiatives their healthcare organizations use to manage this crisis. 

MEDITECH & the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016
In an effort to stem the opioid epidemic, the US government passed the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) of 2016. Learn how the MEDITECH EHR allows clinicians to meet the law’s provisions, through timely access to prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) and a more complete picture of patients’ controlled prescription history.